Vidya Nidhi Bank

Vidyanidhi bank is a bank operated by the students for the students. It offers banking facilities to the students of the college. It was inaugurated on 6th December 1993 by Shri. Krishna Bhat, the chairman of Karnataka Bank Ltd.

The day–to-day transactions are recorded by the students. They are selected by the committee of directors after studying their willingness, ability and aptitude.


  1. To create an awareness among students about banking activities.
  2. To guide the students in operating a bank account such as opening a bank Account, depositing the money and withdrawing money.
  3. To train the students in managing bank transactions.
  4. To inculcate savings habit among students.

Staff Co-ordinators:
  1. Prof. Ganesha Acharya B
  2. Prof. Shridevi

The selected students will act as Manager, Cashier , Officers and Asst. Officers for this Vidya Nidhi Bank for the year 2019-2020:

    1. Manager: Swathi, III A
    2.  Cashier: Shweatha P, III B
    3. Officer: Shri lakshmi, II A
    4. Officer: Bhagyashree, II B
    5. Asst. Officer: Praneeksha, I 
    6. Asst. Officer: Prathiksha, I 
Mr. Ganesh Acharya. B 
Ms. Shridevi 
Manager  : Ms. Monisha
Cashier    : Ms. Bhagyashree
Officers : Swathi & Shwetha.P
 Assistant officers : Shri laxmi & Bhagyashree 
Mr. Ganesh Acharya. B 
Ms. Shridevi 
Manager   :  Ms. Mariyamma
Cashier   :  Ms. Veekshitha
Officers :  Monisha & Bhagyashree
Assistant officers:  Swathi & Shwetha.P


Ms. Shridevi 
 Ms. Punitha. R 
Manager : Ms. Akshatha     
Cashier  : Ms.  Akshatha
Officers :   Mariyamma & Veekshitha
Assistant officers : Monisha & Bhagyashree.